New Jersey Zoning/Land Use Attorneys

Whether for a new construction project or an expansion, navigating the local regulations regarding development planning and zoning can be problematic. The path is littered with land mines for the novice. The law firm of Einhorn Harris has vast legacy of experience in this area, and our attorneys are in tune with the latest developments, especially in northern New Jersey. Applying for a permit or a variance in this state will involve obtaining approvals, complying with highway and traffic regulations, and handling boundary disputes. Our experience in working with zoning and planning boards insulates you from this cumbersome and confusing process.

In New Jersey, the zoning of land is delegated to cities and towns under the Municipal Land Use Law.  In a town or city, elected and appointed office-holders have varied responsibilities under the zoning laws. The elected City Council or Township Committee introduces and adopts zoning ordinances and citizens may propose revisions. The Planning Board supervises the creation of the Master Plan for a city or town and reviews proposed ordinances as they comply with the Master Plan. The Zoning Board of Adjustment reviews the development and building applications that require “use” variances.  Each parcel of land is assigned a particular use or set of uses permitted under the Master Plan and zoning ordinance, and any other use requires a variance.

The Land Use Department in a municipality staffs the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Economic Development Committee, Housing Committee (affordable housing), Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Review Commission, and the Environmental Commission.

When a developer submits a plan, it is reviewed comprehensively by the experts for the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment, as the case may be, as well as  other County, State and Federal agencies. The Land Use Department usually coordinates the planning and zoning board approvals and also supervises the implementation of the affordable housing program within the community.

Under the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, the Zoning Officer:

  • Reviews zoning applications;
  • Certifies subdivision approvals;
  • Certifies statutory default approval;
  • Reviews non-confirming uses;
  • Issues zoning permits;
  • Receives notices of appeals or protest; and
  • Safeguards certain documents concerning the land use and zoning issues in a real estate transaction.

This administrative officer may also get involved in building plans or building inspections and the remedy of violations.

If you have a project and need zoning approval, call our senior partner, Theodore Einhorn. Attorney Einhorn has been practicing zoning and land use law in New Jersey for 45 years. He has provided legal services to many companies, including Simon Properties Group, PNC Bank, National Realty Development, and Valley National Bank.

Our Land Use and Zoning Practice covers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Site Approvals;
  • Variances;
  • Subdivision Approvals;
  • Grading Permits;
  • Special Use Permits;
  • Environmental Issues;
  • Easement Disputes;
  • Litigation;
  • Retail;
  • Setbacks;
  • Challenges to Zoning Appeals;
  • Housing Developments; and
  • Regional Shopping Centers.

Einhorn Harris handles zoning and land use issues throughout New Jersey.

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