New Jersey Commercial Litigation Lawyers

When business relationships become fractured, disputes that cannot be resolved through discussion or negotiation can often result in a lawsuit.  The term “commercial litigation” generally applies to any type of litigation or lawsuit related to business issues. The issues can include:

  • Shareholder disputes (like those involving deceptive or manipulative conduct in connection with buying and selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other securities as well as shareholder oppression), to
  • Breach-of-contract issues;
  • Disputes about employer-employee agreements (like an agreement not to compete); and
  • Matters involving construction contracts, and construction litigation (which may include the New Jersey Construction Lien Law).

If you are a business owner — whether it be a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship or limited liability company (LLC) — and your dispute necessitates the filing of a lawsuit or demand for arbitration, call the attorneys at Einhorn Harris at 973-627-7300. We handle business issues and litigation throughout New Jersey.

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