Valley View Middle School Mock Trial Club Goes to Court

The following post was written over one year ago. Laws often change and recent case decisions may impact how the law is applied. As such, the information in this article may not be current. We encourage you to contact our firm for information on this particular article and to make sure the analysis is still up-to-date.

On June 9, 2016, seventh and eighth graders from Valley View Middle School in Denville once again held their own “Night Court at Valley View” mock trials. The students created and wrote the facts of each case, the testimony of the witnesses for both sides of the argument, and presented each case to a jury consisting of their peers, parents, faculty and Denville Mayor, Thomas Andes, at the Denville Municipal Court.

For the sixth year in a row, Einhorn Harris Partner, Timothy J. Ford, donated his time to work with the students. Several times a month, Mr. Ford, an experienced litigation attorney, worked alongside the program coordinator assisting the students in designing their cases and preparing them for the Mock Trial.

“Every year I am amazed by the Valley View Mock Trial Club students. Their intelligence, work ethic and tenacity is inspirational and a good representation of the Denville community,” Mr. Ford said. “The students, along with faculty advisor Marian Lezgus, put so much time and energy into their product and it always pays off with an incredible evening! The Law Adventure program requires the students to use both creative and critical thinking skills while teaching them about the New Jersey legal system.”

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