Entering the Legal Arena of Divorce Blog Radio:

BlogTalkRadio is a provider of thousands of Internet talk radio shows. “Streaming and archived shows are produced by anyone that wants to be an internet radio host.” One host is Divorce Recovery Life Coach, author and speaker, Shelley Stile. In her series of talk shows, Ms. Stile gives advice on “letting go and moving on after your divorce.”

Listen to the segment with one of our Matrimonial Law attorneys, Patricia M. Barbarito: Entering the Legal Arena of Divorce

In this one-hour online radio interview, attorney Patricia Barbarito, partner in the law firm of Einhorn Harris, discusses the legal aspects of your divorce with Shelley Stile and reviews what you need to know.

Patricia M. Barbarito is a former Chair of the Family Law Section, New Jersey State Bar Association and has practiced family law since 1980. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney. Ms. Barbarito handles cases in the area of divorce, custody, domestic violence and related areas. Extensive involvement with the Executive Committee of the Family Law Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association and membership of the Family Division Practice Committee of the Administration of Office of the Court’s for the Supreme Court of New Jersey have resulted in Ms. Barbarito being integral in the shaping and practice of law in the matrimonial area.

In 2004, Ms. Barbarito was selected to receive the Saul A. Tischler Award from the New Jersey State Bar Association Family Law Section. This prestigious award is presented annually in recognition of a person whom has made a substantial impact upon the development of family law and the legal profession. Ms. Barbarito is a prominent speaker in the Family Law field; she has lectured extensively for the institute of Continuing Legal Education, various civic organizations, and has appeared on numerous television programs regarding matrimonial law.

A Certified Arbitrator, Ms. Barbarito has orchestrated seminars, supervised legal interns for the New Jersey Battered Women’s Service and has established the Battered Women legal advocacy project. Ms. Barbarito has also been a co-chairperson for the task force on domestic violence court procedure sub-committee in Morris County, and a Trustee of the Morris County Bar Association.