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On a weekly basis, the attorneys at Einhorn Harris answer a question on their ASK THE ATTORNEY blog.  The questions and answers are posted to 57 Northern New Jersey Patch publications.

The questions which have been answered have been reposted to this page as a courtesy to those who may have similar questions.

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“Ask the Attorney” is a blog in which answers to questions submitted to may be answered. The answers to the questions are for informational purposes only and are not to be construed as legal advice or the creation of an attorney-client relationship. The facts of each case are different, therefore you should seek competent legal representation

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Co-Worker and I Had An Accident In Our Office Parking Lot; Now what?

Should Same Sex Couples Obtain Prenuptial Agreements Before Marriage?

What If You Don’t Speak English?

Can A Home Inspector Be Sued For Negligence?

What Is A Living Will and Do I Need One?

How Do You Value a Consulting Business in the Event of Divorce?

Can I stop paying child support for an “adult” child?

My ex-wife hasn’t paid child support or alimony, What can I do?

We were falsely accused of child neglect; What are our rights?

My child is being bullied at school; what do I do?

Do Same Sex Partners in a Civil Union Have to Be “Re-Married”?

What Are Our Rights As Grandparents to See Our Grandchildren?

How Do I Calculate the Estate Tax in New Jersey?

My business license was denied due to zoning issues. What do I do?

What do I do if my ex-neighbor is still harassing me?

Will my wife have an interest in my business if we divorce?

My child was taken away because of a false accusation. What can an attorney do?

Do I have to let the DCCP (DYFS) case worker into my house?

Can I change my kids’ last names?

I owe the IRS money but cannot pay.  What should I do?

Should I create a new LLC or create a new name for another part of my company?

I was a passenger in a car accident but I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt?

What is a CIS?

My husband has threatened to kidnap the kids; what do I do?

My son threw a party and was arrested because there was underage drinking?

Is it a workers’ compensation case or a personal injury matter?

How do we dissolve a “domestic partnership”?

Should I try one of those $399.00 divorce mediations I see on billboards?

Can we allow our father’s wife to have condo if he didn’t have a will?

What is the status of “permanent alimony” in the State of New Jersey?

I was injured at work in New Jersey but live in New York, Can I get Workers’ Comp?

Do I have to pay for my “soon-to-be” ex-wife’s credit card debt?

I was arrested for a bar fight, but the day after it happened. Why & what should I do?

How do I dissolve a business I have with two “friends”?

Who gets to claim children as dependents on tax return?

Can a property settlement agreement be rescinded under certain circumstances?

I slipped and fell in a local supermarket, what do I do?

How do I get information from DYFS?

Can I get permanent alimony?

My neighbor falsely reported me to DYFS. What can I do?

Can I put my rent into escrow until landlord completes work?

Can I stop the divorce?

What “gift” can I give tax free?

Can I get the engagement ring back?

Can I force wife to prove child is ours to avoid child support?

What should I do if I get pulled over at a Holiday DUI checkpoint?

I tripped and hurt myself at work. Can I get workers’ comp?

Are pre-nups worth it?

Who gets the kids on the holidays?

My neighbor and I are fighting over common driveway. What do I do?

How do I find out if my spouse filed for divorce?

An argument at work caused injury. What can I do?

Can I get restraining order although abuse occured in past?

How long does a contested divorce take?

General Contractor wants to know what he can do if not being paid?

Teenage son won’t visit his father (my ex).  What should I do?

Is a car accident in company car personal injury or workers’ comp?

My paychecks have bounced. What do I do?

Should new (divorce) attorney negotiate a settlement without seeing old documents?

My son was arrested for underage possession of alcohol. Now what?

Will a (mis)diagnosis of depression create custody issues in my divorce?

How long does an uncontested divorce take?

My homeowner’s insurance policy was cancelled without notice. Is this legal?

What do I need to know about renting a storefront?

Can he divorce me if I don’t say yes?

Are we legally separated?

What do I do if I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel because of work?

Can my ex-wife relocate our children to Florida?

Hurricane Irene Damage still not repaired by landlord.  Help?

My soon-to-be ex is bashing me on Facebook. What do I do?

I am planning on buying my first house.  What should I know?

I don’t feel safe at work?

It’s my weekend! What to do about visitation?

I got injured AT the office not IN the office.  What can I do?

Can I quit and collect umemployment if boss is a bully?

What’s your “sign”?

What’s an abused HUSBAND to do?

My father died without a will. Is this going to create a family feud?

My wife cheated.  Do I have to pay alimony?

Is having an undated will a problem?

My attorney died! Now what?

My child was bitten by the neighbor’s dog!  Now what?

Can a woman who hasn’t work be supported by Ex while divorce is proceeding?

The Breathalyzer says I wasn’t drunk, but I was arrested anyway!?

I haven’t filed taxes in three years and I am worried?

Can I get my property taxes lowered?

Can a Father get sole custody of the children?

Why can’t I collect unemployment benefits?

I want to build an addition to my home but was denied.