NJ Personal Injury Lawyers Experienced with Workplace Injury

If you have been injured at work, there is a remedy available to you. Workers’ compensation pays for injuries sustained on the job, regardless of fault. Every employer in New Jersey  — including those in Morris County, Sussex County, Warren County, Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Union County, Essex County, Hudson County, Bergen County and Passaic County. — is required to have Workers’ Compensation insurance.  An injured worker receives benefits from the Workers’ Compensation insurance company for his or her job. Workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Medical payments, temporary;
  • Temporary disability benefits; and a
  • A permanent disability award.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers will Help File a Claim:

  • When you suffer a serious injury on the job that may prevent you from returning to work;
  • When your employer and the insurance carrier have denied your claim for workers’ compensation benefits; and
  • When injured, if you are having trouble with the insurance company and you are not receiving the benefits to which you are entitled.

What types of injuries are covered under Workers’ Comp?

To be covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act, in general, an injury must result from an “accident.” An accident, in this context, is an unexpected event in the usual work routine like a “trip and fall.” There are exceptions to this, however.  For example, for back injuries, the worker need only experience a “specific traumatic incident,” such as a sudden onset of pain while performing routine lifting.

Attorneys for Third Party Negligence Actions

Construction sites are often the scene of an accident in New Jersey. When a worker is injured at a construction site, he may be entitled to compensation from his employer, from other contractors on the site, and from the manufacturer of defective products at the job site. If you are injured while you are working and your injuries were not caused by your employer or co-employee, you may have the right to file a third-party negligence case in New Jersey Superior Court if another company or that company’s employee negligently caused your injuries. For example, if you were injured at a construction site and your injuries were caused by another contractor’s negligence, you may have the right to file a third-party negligence case.

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