NJ Matrimonial Mediation & Arbitration Attorneys

Sometimes a marriage just doesn’t last.

Expensive, acrimonious litigation doesn’t have to be the only option to resolve the issues in your marriage.

Mediation and arbitration are alternatives to having a judge determine who retains custody of your children, how much support is to be paid and how your assets and debts are to be divided.

Mediation and arbitration are different from one another. A mediator is a facilitator who helps the parties come to an agreement. An arbitrator is not a facilitator, but is a decision maker.

If you decide to use the mediation or arbitration process to settle the issues involved with dissolving your marriage, the person best able to assist you should have experience in the practice of matrimonial law.  That person understands what resolution is within a range of reasonableness based on statute and case law.

When arbitrating a dispute, our statutes do not permit, for the most part, an appeal of a decision.  However, you could agree that an arbitrated decision could be appealed or that a trial court decision could be arbitrated as an appeal.  Our firm’s experience makes us uniquely suited to arbitrate appeals.

Disputed issues are usually not simple. We at Einhorn Harris understand that. Einhorn Harris’ Matrimonial Mediation and Arbitration Department uses a team approach to resolve your matter.  When necessary, we integrate professionals from other legal disciplines such as tax, business or real estate to assure you of having the best possible breadth of knowledge to address and resolve your legal issues.

For example, there might be a tax problem because of an ongoing audit by the IRS which needs specialized knowledge of the tax code and IRS procedures.  Our tax attorney could address that specific subset of issues so that the end result is workable and resolves the problems.   Or, perhaps, there is an issue with the DEP and subdividing property which is subject to equitable distribution.  Our real estate attorney could assist in that aspect of the case. A family held business that consists of other companies may require the unwinding of complicated financial obligations and assets.  Our business attorney could intervene to help resolve that aspect of your case.

The Chair of this department is Bonnie C. Frost, Esq.

Ms. Frost is a former Chair of the Family Law Executive Committee, former Chair of the Appellate Practice Committee, and is a member of the Supreme Court Family Practice Committee. Ms. Frost was also a member and secretary of the District X Ethics Committee from 1991 through 2006. She was also Vice Chair of the State Bar Legislative Committee and a Senior Editor of the N.J. Family Lawyer. She is presently Chair of the Disciplinary Review Board.

Ms. Frost is the 2012 Saul Tischler award winner from the New Jersey State Bar Association for “Lifetime contributions to the advancement of family law in New Jersey.”

Ms. Frost is a certified arbitrator, accredited by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and concentrates her practice solely on Matrimonial and Family Law Matters.  She is able to handle even the most complex matrimonial mediations and arbitrations from the inception of the case to the appellate level.

Ms. Frost has the distinction of being involved in over a hundred appellate decisions including 27 published New Jersey Appellate and Supreme Court decisions which have helped to shape matrimonial and family law in New Jersey for close to 30 years, such as J.B. v. W.B, Reese v. Weis, Clark v. Clark, Steneken v. Steneken, McGee v. McGee, Reinbold v. Reinbold and Overbay v. Overbay. She has co-authored or authored the amicus brief on behalf of the New Jersey State Bar Association in Weishaus v. Weishaus, Mani v. Mani, Fisher v. Fischer, Gac v. Gac and Segal v. Lynch and has orally argued before the Supreme Court on behalf of the State Bar in Mani v. Mani and Segal v. Lynch.

At an initial consultation with attorneys and litigants, Ms. Frost will examine all of the legal issues that may be involved in the mediation or arbitration, ascertain the time frame the parties desire to complete the mediation or arbitration, assess the need for assistance from other professionals, and estimate the potential cost.

Depending upon the issues and if the parties wish, a team may be assembled to work with Ms. Frost to work toward resolution. Our approach is a flexible one which is crafted to meet the parties’ needs unlike an inflexible court calendar with results circumscribed by case law. In mediation or arbitration, the parties could end up with a result more creative and more personalized than one a court might render because the parties are free to contract for a different process and can authorize the arbitrator to be more creative than a court might be. The parties can create their own process and assist in fashioning a creative outcome to fit their needs as well.

If we are retained to arbitrate an appeal, the entire appellate process which currently takes in excess of a year in our Court system, could be resolved in a shorter time frame agreed upon by the parties and the arbitrator and at far less cost.

Our team approach is a one stop, flexible, cost effective and timely way to address all issues, including an appeal.

Team members who could be brought in to assist Ms. Frost are:

Andrew S. Berns, Esq. is Chair of Einhorn Harris’ Business, Civil and Commercial Litigation practice. He has been a certified mediator pursuant to New Jersey Supreme Court Rule 1:40. He concentrates his services in all of the civil, business and commercial issues that may affect your divorce.

Gary R. Botwinick, Esq. is Chair of Einhorn Harris’ Trusts and Estate/Taxation Department and could handle all of the issues concerning taxation and trust and estate disputes.

Jason R. Rittie, Esq. is Chair of Einhorn Harris’ Real Estate Department and can help to arbitrate or mediate any commercial or residential real estate issue.

At Einhorn Harris we are here to serve you. We are here “for all the stages of your life, for all the phases of your business.”

Our Mediation and Arbitration department is there for you – every step of the way.