NJ Wrongful Termination Lawyers

If an employer discharges or fires an employee in a manner that violates their legal rights, it can constitute “wrongful termination.” New Jersey has adopted the legal concept of “employment at will,” which means that when there is no employment contract or legal entitlement (such as teacher tenure), either employees or employers have the right to terminate the relationship for any reason other than one that is discriminatory or no reason and that the term of employment is indefinite.

New Jersey is an “at will” employment state, however, if it can be proven that an employer illegally terminated an employee, their attorney can file a claim or lawsuit for wrongful termination on their behalf.  An experienced employment law attorney may obtain or recover:

  • Lost wages;
  • Injunctive relief in the workplace;
  • Punitive damages;
  • Reinstatement of benefits and position;
  • Attorney’s fees and court costs; as well as
  • Compensation for emotional stress.

We also work with employers to prevent claims of wrongful termination and to defend them from employee claims. Consult counsel at Einhorn Harris for more information on the complex legal issues regarding “at will” employment and “wrongful termination.”

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