New Jersey Severance Attorneys

In New Jersey, there is no law that requires employers to provide severance pay.  However, if an employer develops a severance plan, employees covered by the terms of the plan are entitled to the benefits the plan provides under the circumstances or events specified. The employer can change or modify or terminate a severance plan at any time.

Negotiating employment settlement and/or separation agreements involves bargaining between the employee and employer with respect to severance benefits and/or separation. An employer may offer severance in exchange for the employee’s release of claims against the employer and the terms of the severance may depend upon the circumstances of the layoff or termination.

  • An employee might negotiate:
  • The amount of the severance;
  • Payment of health benefits for a period of time;
  • A letter of reference;
  • Job placement services and more.

If an employee has been terminated or downsized, an employment lawyer at Einhorn Harris can explain your rights and benefits under the law and can help you obtain the best available severance terms.

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