NJ Non-Compete Agreements Attorneys

Employers in New Jersey may require employees to sign Non-Compete Agreements that may impose certain restrictions on employees presently or in the future.  These agreements can be effective for months or years and can restrain employees from:

  • Working for a competitor;
  • Using or disclosing trade secrets or other confidential information;
  • Soliciting customers or recruiting their former employer’s customer; and
  • Limiting the options of those employees.

Employees who have been asked to sign such an agreement should review it carefully with an attorney before signing. Employees should not take this agreement lightly.  Employees can be fired for refusing to sign or restrained from competing if they have signed a Non-compete.   However, if an employee signs an “unreasonable” agreement, a New Jersey court may provide for modifications or find the agreement completely unenforceable.

Employers who would like to institute such an agreement in their hiring policies should be informed by an experienced employment attorney to ensure that the agreement complies with state and federal laws. New Jersey courts enforce non-compete agreements that are deemed “reasonable,” that is, if the agreement:

  • Protects the legitimate interests of the employer;
  • Does not impose undue hardship on the employee; and
  • Is not detrimental to the public or completely prohibit future employment.

Temporal or geographic provisions in Non-Compete Agreements are scrutinized carefully.

Given the complexities of Non-Compete Agreements in New Jersey, we advise you to contact one of our experienced employment law attorneys or closely-held business lawyers at 973-627-7300 at Einhorn Harris today. We handle non-compete agreements throughout New Jersey.