New Jersey Sex Crime Lawyers

Sex crime is the general term for any criminal activity involving forcible rape, statutory rape, child molestation or possession of child pornography.  When facing a sex crime charge, it is critical that you consult an experienced criminal attorney to ensure your rights are protected.  The criminal defense attorneys at Einhorn, Harris, Ascher, Barbarito & Frost, P.C., recognize the importance of preserving your rights, reputation and freedom. We do everything we can to provide confidential and diligent representation.

The NJ criminal defense attorneys at Einhorn Harris have extensive experience with all categories of sex crimes including:

  • Rape, date rape and statutory rape;
  • Sexual abuse and child sexual abuse;
  • Aggravated criminal sexual conduct;
  • Criminal sexual contact;
  • Child molestation;
  • Internet solicitation of minors;
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography;
  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment charges;
  • Prostitution and solicitation;
  • Endangering the welfare of a child; and
  • Other sexual assault or rape charges.

The Impact of Megan’s Law following Sex Offense Convictions

Individuals convicted of sexual assault and other sex crimes will face a lifetime of challenges, even long after penalties are served. Under New Jersey’s Registration and Community Notification Law (Megan’s Law), anyone convicted for a sex offense must register with law enforcement following their release from incarceration and must remain on the sex offender registry for at least 15 years. Sex offenders are also placed on community supervision for life.

The Megan’s Law registry requires convicted sex offenders to register their name, address, descriptive features, convictions and other information with the local police (the information is also made available to the public). In addition, individuals must inform law enforcement of changes in address and other changes. Law enforcement must notify certain groups and individuals of the release of sex offenders into the community after a Megan’s Law tier hearing is held.

Being registered as a convicted sex offender can make it difficult to obtain a job, lease an apartment or obtain a mortgage loan, among other things. Our criminal attorneys thoroughly analyze the evidence and work to develop the strongest, most effective defense strategy possible in sex crime cases to avoid such serious consequences.