New Jersey Business Lawyers Experienced in Shareholder Disputes

Even the most detailed partnership or shareholder agreements can leave some aspects of the relationship unaddressed. These agreements should protect all business owners, but often the shareholders of corporations and members of a limited liability company and partners in partnerships will encounter disputes over business issues that cannot be settled through the normal corporate process, procedure or protocol.

When these disagreements become critical or cannot be resolved among the parties themselves, litigation or arbitration is necessary to protect their rights and interests.

The business attorneys of Einhorn Harris Ascher Barbarito & Frost, PC represent both plaintiffs and defendants in actions involving disputes among minority shareholders, members of limited liability companies and/or business partners. A vigorous representation to protect our clients’ interests is key to resolving breach-of-contract disputes (including disputes regarding partnership agreements and/or operating agreements) or when dissolution of the business or buyout issues arise.

A shareholder dispute and resulting litigation to resolve such a dispute can be a costly experience for a business, especially if it involves a protracted legal proceeding. The attorneys at Einhorn Harris work with the parties to resolve the dispute quickly and efficiently, protecting the rights of our clients with the dual goal of preserving business resources and returning the focus to the operation and growth of the business as soon as possible.

In some sensitive situations involving “shareholder oppression,” an experienced commercial litigator will be knowledgeable with New Jersey statutes (oppressed minority shareholder statute) that provide a dissolution remedy for shareholders in closely held corporations where there are 25 or less shareholders or members. Actions that are “oppressive or unfair” toward one or more minority shareholders can occur when the directors or those in control of the corporation:

  • Act fraudulently or illegally;
  • Mismanage the corporation; or
  • Abuse their authority as officers.

The attorneys in the Einhorn Harris Closely-Held Business group are experienced litigators in protecting the rights of minority shareholders in these matters or when shareholders seek to file a lawsuit on behalf of the corporation for wrongs committed against the corporation. We handle shareholder disputes throughout New Jersey.

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