Stephen P. Haller, Esq. a matrimonial attorney with Einhorn Harris Asher Barbarito & Frost, PC has been quoted by with regard to the “sexting” scandal in which Anthony Weiner, the Congressman from New York, has admitted to sending lewd photos and texts via Facebook and Twitter to many women – of which none were his wife.


Mr. Haller, and a few other divorce attorneys were asked whether this type of behavior would have an impact in divorce proceedings. Stephen P. Haller, Esq. explained that in New Jersey, a “no-fault” state, “there is no specific grounds anywhere that I know of where sexting is listed as grounds for divorce.” Mr. Haller, Esq. then explained that text messages and sending racy pictures can be used as evidence constituting irreconcilaqble differences.
Stephen P. Haller, Esq., well known for representing former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey, in his divorce, futher explains that using sexting doesn’t rise to the level of adultery unless it can be proven that a physical relationship took place at specific times