From the emotional toll it takes on a family to the myriad of issues that need to be considered such as custody, real estate, tax, estate planning or business considerations — divorce is complex. It requires a planned, thoughtful approach.

Making life-altering decisions in times of stress is never a good idea. All too often people wait until a crisis occurs before contacting an attorney. In a crisis situation it becomes difficult to maintain a clear perspective and develop an appropriate strategy. Emotions run high and people tend to be reactive. It’s important to understand that the choices you make at this critical juncture could have lifelong implications on you, your children and your finances.

People who are seriously considering divorce are often reluctant to consult with an attorney for a preliminary consultation. They may feel disloyal to their spouse or they simply feel stuck and are reluctant to make the first move. It is important to understand that engaging with an attorney does not necessarily result in ending the marriage. In fact, it is not uncommon for people to decide to explore alternative options to divorce when they truly understand all of the implications and thoughtfully weigh the complications divorce presents. An initial consultation with an experienced, respected lawyer will allow you to assess the situation objectively and help you explore your options. Those options include divorce, but also include mediation or possibly the decision to stay in the marriage.

Another critical step to a beneficial consultation is choosing the right attorney. The right attorney is not only qualified, but one you feel comfortable working with. You want a lawyer who has the ability to understand the emotional complexities surrounding divorce and your particular situation. They should have the legal expertise, skills and reputation that ensures you will receive the best possible outcome.

It can also be of great value if your attorney has the backing of a firm with multiple areas of expertise. Divorce settlements can become very complex. When your firm’s matrimonial attorneys can consult with in-house tax, real estate, trusts and business law departments, they can provide you with solid, informed advice that can have a dramatic impact on your settlement. At Einhorn Harris our divorce attorneys work closely with attorneys from our other departments to ensure our strategies are in the best possible interest of our clients.

We often hear “Why should I pay for a consultation when many firms advertise free ones on the Internet?”. Simply stated—all consultations are not the same. A comprehensive consultation is not about answering a prepared questionnaire. It is an in depth discussion to understand the nuances of your particular situation. At Einhorn Harris we listen carefully and intently to everything our clients have to say and provide them with a solid analysis of their individual situation. Our well-trained attorneys develop recommendations to be implemented prior to filing, should you consider divorce. We engage with our trusts and estate department and develop clearly defined long- and short-term strategies for you to implement. We address custody issues from the emotional as well as legal point of view.

You will come away with a clearer understanding of your options, a strategic plan to execute and a familiarity with the process and procedures of filing for a divorce. The cost is modest, ranging from $225 – $526 depending on complexity, and the benefits are enormous. The investment in a preliminary consultation can save untold thousands of dollars in future expenses and lessen the emotional toll on everyone involved.

Divorce is a life-altering event with great emotional and financial costs. The consultation is a chance to think through this decision, gain an understanding of your options and develop a sound strategy.

If you’re considering a divorce or simply want to discuss your options, contact one of our experienced divorce attorneys to schedule your private, confidential consultation at 973-627-7300.