Linda Mainenti Walsh to Lead and Present Program on Gender Bias at the NJSBA Convention

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On Thursday, May 17, 2012, as part of the New Jersey State Bar Association Annual Meeting and Convention, Linda Mainenti-Walsh will be acting as a program coordinator and presenter for a program  entitled:  Recognizing and Addressing Gender Bias in the Litigation Process: What Lawyers and Courts Need to Know. 

Ms. Mainenti-Walsh will lead a panel of attorneys, judges and experts in a discussion on the effect of gender and cultural bias on women in the litigation process and how to recognize and address it.  The program will explore how litigants, that is those bringing law suits or testifying in court, are affected by their cultural backgrounds and gender and how that may affect the litigant’s ability to testify in court.  The program will also teach attorneys how to be sensitive to the issues of gender and culture when consulting, advising and preparing their clients.  The program, which is one of the courses offered during the New Jersey State Bar Associations’ Annual Meeting and Convention will provide CLE credits for those attorneys who attend.

Ms. Mainenti-Walsh is a family law attorney with the firm Einhorn Harris Ascher Barbarito & Frost, PC.   Since 2008, when she was appointed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey, she has been serving as a member of the Supreme Court on Women in Courts and for the past two years as Chair of the Bar Education Sub-Committee of the Supreme Court Committee on Women in the Courts.  It is in that capacity she is coordinating and presenting this event.

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