Managing Partner Pat Barbarito shares her perspective on a Huffington Post article on whether there is a “right time” to divorce.

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“There is no right time to divorce and no right age for your children. As a divorce lawyer for 37 years, I’ve always believed that a child (of any age) will handle divorce as well as the parents. The parents set the tone, and that determines how the child handles the divorce. If the child sees and senses hysteria, uncertainty and anger, then the child will internalize these feelings and have trouble processing the divorce.

“Having said that, I do believe that older children understand the difficulties of a relationship breaking up and, as a result, have a harder time dealing with divorce. Any young adult who’s had his or her heart broken understands the pain of ending a relationship, let alone a marriage. Watching their parents suffer and understanding the depth of their feelings can be brutal for young adults.

“Also, as the article references, young adults, at a time when they want to go forward in life with nothing weighing them down, begin to feel responsible for a parent. To know that a parent is home alone or struggling emotionally and/or financially creates a set of burdens that no young adult should have.”

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