Adam Sandler quoted in article, “Can children from a first marriage contest a will?”

Adam L. Sander quoted

As seen in, December 11, 2018

Can children from a first marriage contest a will?

Q. Can children of the first marriage contest a will? If they can, is it ever successful?

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A. There are several scenarios when someone may contest a will.

In order to do so, a person must have “standing.”

Generally, a person has standing in two situations, said Adam Sandler, an attorney with Einhorn Harris in Denville.

First, the person would be the decedent’s heir by law and would inherit under the laws of intestacy if the will is declared invalid.

Second, a person could have standing if there was a prior will in which the person is a named beneficiary, and the prior will would be reinstated if the subsequent will was set aside.

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