Business Law Blog – Language Requirements: Navigating Legal Minefields in Today’s Multicultural Workplaces

By Alex Lee, Esq. As the modern workplace becomes increasingly culturally diverse, a byproduct of diversity is that many employees in the workplace may be more comfortable speaking in languages other than English. In addition to this natural growth in language diversity among employees, language diversity also continues to increase due to efforts by employers


Employment Law Blog post – A Cautionary Tale: What you can learn from the sexual harassment allegations at Uber

By Andrew S. Berns, Esq. Many readers may have recently become aware of stories relating to the ride-share giant, Uber and its problems relating to sexual harassment and a potentially pervasive environment at its corporate offices where such behavior may be prevalent.  Despite its progressive policies, upper level management at Uber claims it was caught


Business Law Blog post: Time to Look at Your Resident Agreement – Certain Binding Arbitration Agreements Barred for Healthcare Facilities Who Accept Medicare and Medicaid

By Timothy Ford, Esq. On September 28, 2016, the United States Department of Health and Human Services revised regulations that may substantively impact resident agreements related to dispute resolution between residents and facilities.  Effective November 28, 2016, long-term care facilities who participate in Medicaid and Medicare (including nursing homes and assisted living facilities) are prohibited