Einhorn Harris Counsel, James DeStefano Quoted in Romper Article on the 12 Most Important Questions that Never Get Asked in a Relationship

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Young couples with student loan debt are failing to disclose the amount of student debt owed and failing to discuss how that debt will be paid (i.e., individual responsibility vs. joint obligation).

Couples ask each other a lot of questions, some about day-to-day life, some in an effort to get to know each other better, and some about their future plans, together or separately.  Unfortunately, there are often questions that are not asked in a relationship and should be, according to divorce and relationship experts.

James M. DeStefano, Einhorn Harris attorney and Counsel with the Firm’s Family Law Department, weighs in on the “The 12 Most Important Questions That Never Get Asked in a Relationship, According to Divorce & Relationship Experts,” in this Romper.com article published January 30, 2018.