Michael R. Ascher, Esq Published in New Jersey Family Lawyer Magazine

The following post was written over one year ago. Laws often change and recent case decisions may impact how the law is applied. As such, the information in this article may not be current. We encourage you to contact our firm for information on this particular article and to make sure the analysis is still up-to-date.

Michael R. Ascher, Esq. recently published an article in New Jersey Family Lawyer Magazine, a publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Mr. Ascher is a Principal in the firm and is engaged in a litigation practice handling both criminal and complex civil matters. He is a former Deputy Attorney General in the Department of Justice and a former Assistant Passaic County Prosecutor.  His practice includes all categories of criminal cases including drunk driving defense, sex offenses, drug and white collar crimes, computer crime, conspiracy, fraud & theft cases and matters involving the Division of Permanency and Placement (DCPP formerly known as DYFS).

The article, entitled The Impact of Changes IN DCPP Investigatory Findings was a jointly written article with Dina M. Mikulka, Esq.

The article appears here courtesy of New Jersey Family Lawyer, Vol. 34, No.6 – August 2014, a publication of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

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