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Employment Law Blog post – A Cautionary Tale: What you can learn from the sexual harassment allegations at Uber

By Andrew S. Berns, Esq. Many readers may have recently become aware of stories relating to the ride-share giant, Uber and its problems relating to sexual harassment and a potentially pervasive environment at its corporate offices where such behavior may be prevalent.  Despite its progressive policies, upper level management at Uber claims it was caught


Family Law Blog post – “Honey, here is an agreement for you to sign and, if you do, then I will stay married to you. Sound fair or not?”

By Bonnie C. Frost, Esq. Lisa Marie Presley and her husband, Michael Lockwood, are embroiled in a custody battle that has left their children being cared for by Priscilla Presley because of disturbing images being found on Lockwood’s computer. While that may be an interesting blog in its own right, another unusual facet of their


Family Law Blog post – Do you want a private divorce like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Maybe you can have one and maybe you can’t.

By Bonnie C. Frost, Esq. Recently the Pitt Jolie saga has disappeared from the spotlight because the two decided to take their divorce issues to a retired judge for a “private divorce.” Could this happen in New Jersey?  The answer is yes and no. To some, that answer sounds like “lawyer speak” but the truth