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Business Law Blog post – Language Requirements: Navigating Legal Minefields in Today’s Multicultural Workplaces

By Alex Lee, Esq. As the modern workplace becomes increasingly culturally diverse, a byproduct of diversity is that many employees in the workplace may be more comfortable speaking in languages other than English. In addition to this natural growth in language diversity among employees, language diversity also continues to increase due to efforts by employers


Einhorn Harris Partner, Matheu Nunn Co-Authors Article on Child Relocation in New Jersey Law Journal

Matheu D. Nunn and Richard A. Warshak On April 23, 2001, the Supreme Court of New Jersey decided Baures v. Lewis , 167 N.J. 91 (2001). For more than 16 years, Baures guided post-divorce interstate relocation of children in a manner that generally favored the primary-custodial parent who sought relocation. On Aug. 8, 2017, the Supreme Court decided Bisbing v. Bisbing , __ N.J. __ (2017),